NewSat Satellite Services acquired by SpeedCast International

Today it was announced that SpeedCast International will be acquiring the satellite business and teleports of our partner, Newsat Limited.

Services previously provided to DiverseIT satellite communications clients by NewSat will now be supplied by SpeedCast. Existing agreements and service levels will be maintained.

DiverseIT is committed to providing quality solutions to our clients, and working with partners that share our values enable us to achieve this. SpeedCast is well established as a global satellite telecommunications provider offering high-quality managed network services in over 60 countries. With the acquisition of NewSat’s infrastructure assets, SpeedCast will be in the position to enhance the quality and geographic range of services to customers across Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa.

We proudly welcome SpeedCast as a DiverseIT partner, knowing that together we can continue to provide quality communications solutions to DiverseIT clients.

Please see the SpeedCast press release for further information. If you have any questions at all about this announcement and how it effects services provided to you through DiverseIT, please get in touch.